Ke$ha featuring Juicy J, Wiz Khalifa & Becky G “Die Young (Remix)”

After all that intriguing talk of Ke$ha possibly breaking away from her unapologetic “eternal party girl”/ trashy-chic shtick to indulge in some 1970’s rock/ Iggy Pop influences on her sophomore album (a notion that was just as exciting for the many ways it could explode into a huge fireball of FAIL), hearing the Auto-Tune and glitter-slathered singer basically play it safe with Warrior lead single “Die Young”, a Dr. Luke/ Benny Blanco co-produced fist-pump anthem that sounds not only like every other Ke$ha single but almost every major dance-pop single of the past few years, came across as a bit of a disappointment.

Of course, a million listens later, that initial feeling of “meh” has been usurped by the ear-worm powers of the track’s glorious hook, an irresistible mix of “Good Feeling”-esque guitar chug, familiar synth glitz, increasingly defiant “We’re gonna die young!” exclamations and a golden “Oh what a shame that you came here with someone” line (a fairly obvious lyrical contribution from co-songwriter Nate Ruess of .fun) that’s basically held our brain hostage in recent weeks, and, in this newly unleashed remix, hits a new level of pop greatness when surrounded by the assistance of a few guest stars.

Taylor Gang’s Wiz and Juicy J might not be saying anything new in their respective cameos here, but their added unique brands of hip hop hedonism, alongside an appearance from future ubiquity, fifteen-year-old Cali-birthed singer/ rapper Becky G (check out her takes on The Throne’s “Otis” and Frank Ocean’s “Novacane”), easily make this the superior “Young”.

Warrior drops December 4th.

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