Mikky Ekko x Clams Casino “Pull Me Down”

Louisiana native/ singer-songwriter newbie Mikky Ekko has already put some serious ummph!! power behind his “promising up-and-comer” tag with month old “Feels Like The End”, the type of indie-flavored power ballad that on first listen to its tastefully melodramatic piano-pop orchestration, skyward vocal yelps and poetic grasp of loss already feels inevitable for endless prime-time TV and lonesome nights soundtrack duties.

Such smart, buzz-baiting tactics are brought to a whole new ballgame though on Ekko’s latest cut “Pull Me Down”, a track that pairs the man’s talents with Clams Casino, the ever-fascinating New Jersey producer with a penchant for simultaneously weightless and boom-bappy, New Age-meets-screw sonic sculptures that have become all the rage on the blogosphere whether on their own as instrumentals or as support for the rhymes of Internet-rap superstars like Lil’ B, A$AP Rocky and Mac Miller.

Those hip hop associations aside, when it gets down to it, Casino’s arrangements aren’t all that genre-specific, so the idea of Ekko’s pop-craft fitting oh-so-comfortably in one of them doesn’t read all that surprising.

For “Pull Me Down”, the two artists sound like they were born to collaborate, the soft, dreamy churn of Casino’s beat perfectly hugging Mikky’s tale of two “punk kids” wholeheartedly giving in to the magnetic pull of their romantic chemistry. The result? A lighters-in-the-air waving anthem for cuddling lovers everywhere made of pure pop beauty and bursting with crossover potential.

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