MNEK “No Ordinary Love (Sade Refix)”

Armed with songwriting and production chops that have already proven to have the Midas touch–resulting in UK hit single gold for acts like The Saturdays and the X Factor-birthed Misha B and Little Mix–and an incredibly mature voice that has no business coming from an eighteen-year-old soul, we wouldn’t be surprised if by this time next year London-born multi-talent MNEK had managed to break into household name territory.

Helping give an extra oomph to his increasing solo buzz? The on-going collection of cover/ “refixes” MNEK has speckled across his Soundcloud page in recent months, finding him cycling through the work of his favorite divas with neat modern-day R&B twists on tracks from Kelis (the previously Mixtape Maestro-hyped “Get Along With You”), Kylie Minogue and even Prince protegee Rosie Gaines.

Sade’s 1992 classic “No Ordinary Love” is the latest song to be given the MNEK “refix” treatment, and while such a move might read as blasphemous to some, it’s hard to find fault in the teenager’s update, which respectfully recasts the original’s patient, deep groove luxuriance into a shimmering, moon-lit electro-soul churn and supplies a stunning vocal performance that digs into the lyric’s heart-shattered ache with breath-taking lows and awe-inducing, wail-streaked highs.

Hear and download it below:

2 thoughts on “MNEK “No Ordinary Love (Sade Refix)”

  1. Kids Mad talented. Ps love what you do . I buy alot of music on form things i dig on here. Download some of the tracks from you, But i believe in supporting artist.
    Thanks for your Efforts

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