Noah Vinson “Outstanding”

While we first became aware of Bronx emcee Noah Vinson via the oh-so-smoove “I Love You”, the rapper on display on new solo tape The Life offers a far more varied bag of mic tricks than that aforementioned preview would suggest, finding Vinson impressively juggling classic East Coast rap braggadocio cool, conscious-dipped inspirational anthems, dizzying trash-talking lyrical exercises and one number that slyly warns of the dangers in dating in the social networking age over the course of the solid set’s twelve tracks.

It also holds what Noah would be smart to eventually turn into an official commercial single in “Outstanding”, a mid-album stand-out that initially catches the ear due to a shimmery sample of Michael Jackson’s 1972 bubblegum-soul-sweet album cut “We’ve Got A Good Thing Going” (also recently used to great effect on Justin Bieber’s tender puppy love ode “Die In Your Arms”) but ultimately best earns its replay value for the eased, witty charm Vinson exudes as he works his way back into the heart of an ex-flame currently stuck with a jerky new boyfriend.

Check out the record below, then peep Noah and trackmates Frank Ramz & Rich-P get all H.A.M.-tastic in the clip for another The Life highlight, “H.I.H. (Humans In Hollywood)”.

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