Rihanna featuring Chris Brown “Nobody’s Business”

Everybody, their mama and about thirteen aliens on Mars seems to have aired their personal opinion on the on-going soap opera drama of Rihanna and Chris Brown‘s much-publicized relationship, with this past year’s continuous tabloid coverage and remix-fueled added questions of “Are they or aren’t they back together?” and if they are “Should we even care?” igniting so much social media/ TV pundit/ everyday folk watercooler debate strife, you would think we all somehow shared blood with the couple.

Have the majority of the fraction of society who still give a care about “Chrianna” reached a point where seeing the two artists teamed-up–whether on wax or off–is not an uncomfortable thing? Hard to tell, though from a business perspective, it’s not as difficult figuring out why they would choose to work together on record again, considering all the online buzz that would generate from any possible ‘meta’-undertones of the duet, not to mention the very strong possibility of the reunion record ending up a song that’s kinda hard to hate and potentially resulting in another worldwide smash to add to both acts respective hit-heavy catalogs.

“Nobody’s Business”, one of the more anticipated cuts from Rihanna’s upcoming Unapologetic made its inevitable leak “premiere” in full today, and while most will likely feed into the kinda clever, gossip rag-baiting “reveal” embedded in the MJ-nodding titular hook (“You’ll always be mine/ I’ll sing it to the world/ Always be my boy/ I’ll always be your girl/ Ain’t nobody’s business but mine and my baby”), it shall be interesting to see how many admit to liking what’s actually a well-crafted R&B-pop song.

Produced by The-Dream and Los da Mystro, “Business” really does feel like a breath of black pop fresh air after years of mainstream airwaves bombarding the ear canals with endless reiterations of the Euro-club thing, its mix of love-sick proclamations and a glisteningly slick, 90’s reminiscent supply of icy synth strings and house-y piano stomp carrying an effortless breeziness that would’ve likely drawn comparisons to interpolation source, Michael Jackson’s similarly feel-good-warm “The Way You Make Me Feel”, without all those gritted-teeth “bid-ness” swipes.

Its unfortunate that the track’s sugary goodness will probably forever be overshadowed by the fact that it involves these two specific artists (giddily shouting their love for one another to the world, no less), but whatevs, the public’s internal conflict over Chrianna aside, this joint is some serious jammmy-jam goodness.

Unapologetic drops November 19th.

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