T.I. featuring Andre 3000 “Sorry”

As excited as an artist should be nabbing a cameo from the elusive Andre 3000 on one of their tracks, such a high profile grab can be somewhat of a double-edged sword, because while you’re likely to garner all types of attention for the song once it makes its inevitable leak, more often than not what you contribute will likely be brushed aside so that folks can repeatedly digest the lyrical “grown man rap” greatness that Three Stacks felt he should bless the public with next.

T.I. holds the lead position on the Jazze Pha-produced “Sorry”, the latest preview from his long-awaited Trouble Man: Heavy Is The Head album and a cut that finds the rapper-turned-reality TV fixture providing two sharply-penned, deeply personal verses, but once Andre enters the frame in the track’s final stretch, it honestly feels like anything said before never even happened.

Dipping into different flow speeds and making seamless transitions from rapped lines to sung ones, Dre unfurls another stunning display of his signature mic superiority across a guest spot that somehow seems to go on forever while feeling like it doesn’t last long enough. Whether he’s waxing sincere ruefulness over past moves made (“This the type of shit that’ll make you call your rap partner/ And say I’m sorry I’m awkward, my fault for fuckin’ up the tours”), revealing an interesting self-critique between his current rap chops vs. his hungrier beginnings (“I used to be a way better writer and a rapper when I used to want a black Karmann Ghia”), or simply flexing his wordplay wizardry on thought-provoking lines like “Why do we try so hard to be stars, just to dodge comments (comets)?”, Stacks doesn’t just steal the show here as much as he excellently strengthens the notion of why he’s considered one of the baddest who ever done it and an artist we will continue to slavishly bow down to even if the rest of his career continues to involve nothing more than a handful of these breath-haltingly constructed sixteens a year.

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