The Melker Project “Superthug vs. Midnight City vs. Get Me Bodied (N.O.R.E. x M83 x Beyonce)”

We are all pretty much familiar with the saying “I’d love to be a fly on the wall…” and that desire to want to watch something amazing come together before our eyes in real-time; when it comes to The Melker Project, nearly everything that arises with Scott Melker’s artistic stamp leaves us with the yearn to figure out a way to just sit inside of dude’s brain and witness in awe as he comes together with his mash-up ideas. His talent in pairing off songs stylistically worlds (and sometimes entire eras) apart from one another and making them sound like they were born to come together as one are, more often than not, just jaw-dropping in the way they go beyond the usual “this song would sound great matched with this song” DJ/ producer mental math.

As much it might have been a somewhat mind-blowing jam when it owned the airwaves way back in 1998, we can’t remember the last time we even thought of needing to hear N.O.R.E. & The Neptunes smash collabo “Superthug” again, especially during our umpteenth re-spins of M83’s synth-tastic “Midnight City” the past year. In the amazingly Matrix-like maze inside Melker’s head though, the two songs, alongside a little rhythmic assist from Beyonce’s feverish “Get Me Bodied”, somehow hit him as distant relatives that needed to share the same sonic space.

What results is a configuration that reads like a mess on paper, but in execution sounds like the most epic thing ever, an event-like spectacle that feels like an insane hip-pop-dance supergroup being born before our ears (that we would love to hear an entire full-length from) and a must-have for New Year’s Eve/ Day playlists to bring us into 2013 on a peak note.

What!?!, What!?! indeed.

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