Trinidad Jame$ “All Gold Everything”

Insert Atlanta newbie Trinidad Jame$ as the latest rapper to leave us head-scratching and perplexed as an endlessly fascinating thing we currently can’t get enough of even when we’re not so sure if we’re supposed to be taking him seriously as a hip hop artist or simply embracing him as a human meme to completely forget about in a season’s time.

The fashionably eccentric 25-year-old–he looks like a cross between Jimi Hendrix and Martin‘s “Jerome”–unleashed his debut mixtape Don’t Be S.A.F.E. back in July, and it seems to have a bonafide future viral sensation in its grasp with mid-set cut “All Gold Everything”, a Dirty South anthem-to-be set to the menacing lurch of a three-note keyboard stab loop in which he breaks down his appreciation for strippers, the hottest ATL spots and, of course, his honey-hued bling collection in a slo-mo, “every other word should probably have a period behind it” casual flow.

Put on this planet for the specific purpose of satisfying the low-key ratchet in us all, color us officially obsessed.

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