TEA “Gardens”

As a band that includes not only three vocalists but instrumental elements that add harp, upright bass and trumpet to the usual piano/ guitar/ drums combo, Montreal indie folk/ jazz/ pop outfit TEA seem capable of creating music that’s either a frilly, cacophonous mess or some of the most beautifully ornate songs you’ve heard. Since […]

White Blush “Jolene”

Dive in deep to this track from L.A.-based dream-pop act White Blush (aka one-woman force Carol Rhyu), between the attention-distracting drum machine snap dominating the mix and the frosted synth washes that form its ethereal foundation, and a very familiar pop scenario can be grasped in the lyrics dripping off Rhyu’s barely-there wisp of a […]

Frank Ocean “Wiseman”

Even after the whirlwind year Frank Ocean has had (capping off with an incredible six Grammy nominations including nods in major categories Album of the Year, Record of the Year and Best New Artist, not to mention list-dominating kudos in various end-of-year music site and publication collections), it’s difficult, in today’s here today/ gone today […]