Angel Haze “Shit I Don’t Like (Chief Keef Freestyle)”

angel haze

If, at least in one instance this past year, you somehow weren’t able to spit out some personal annoyance followed by a random shout of “That’s that shit I don’t like!!” in the cadence of Chief Keef’s as troubling as it was addictive summer jam “I Don’t Like”, then *NEWS FLASH* you probably weren’t breathing in 2012.

Highly probable 2013 superstar Angel Haze becomes the latest to inject her own spin on the Keef tune, and much in line with everything else she’s dropped this past calendar flip, it’s deliciously good.

Armed with a flow “wetter than some seal lips”, Haze breezes through her list of things working her nerves with breathless mastery, but it’s the moments when that Godzilla hood-stomp of a beat drops out and you’re left with nothing but Angel, a mic and her unleashing knowledge in a dizzying rapid-fire delivery that somehow still reads with 20/ 20 clarity that’ll pierce the ear-drums the best.

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