Bjork “Moon (Kensaye Remix)”

bjork - moon (kensaye remix)

The last time we spoke of Haitian-French producer Kensaye around these parts, it was for his remix of Aaliyah’s “Rock The Boat”, a risky move considering how widely cherished any tune from the late R&B singer is as-is, but one he (along with the help of guitarist Ryan Ansah) managed to pull off quite incredibly.

A whole different set of challenges come with taking on the very unique characteristics of a Bjork record though, namely trying to craft a frame to best compliment the strange, idiosyncratic journey of a Bjork vocal.

On this remix of “Moon” (from Bjork’s ambitious 2011 release, “app album” Biophilia), Kensaye takes the weightless harp and yodel wonderland of the original and grounds it in ever-mutating textures that morph in and out of West Coast bump and dreamy neo-soul lush, an urban-leaning context that surprisingly proves to be a complimentary foundation for the Icelandic singer’s every-which-way spiraling Earth mother poetry, and introduces the enticing idea of an entire Bjork remix album baked in hues of a more hip hop-soul vein.

Somebody get on that stat.

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