Busta Rhymes x Q-Tip “Poetic Justice (Freestyle)”

janet 'poetic justice'

For most men of a certain age, seeing the title of and hearing the sample within Kendrick Lamar’s “Poetic Justice” brought back all kinds of fond memories of the sexiness that was early-to-mid-90’s Janet, when homegirl had switched away from the All Black Everything Rhythm Nation wardrobe phase, trimmed off some of that lovely “Pleasure Principle” thickness and started showcasing some hardcore abs, posed for this classic cover, and had given up all that “Let’s Wait Awhile” talk in place of “Anytime, Anyplace” purrs and “Boom boom boom until noon noon noon” demands.

Basically, for most of us, many a lengthy bathroom moment and “alone time” in the bedroom was spent with her as a main fantasy focus.

Native Tongues homies Busta Rhymes and Q-Tip easily trump all of that by having had the pleasure to be able to actually breathe in the same air as, touch (and…sigh…in one case, kiss) the pop goddess, moments that are recalled in this freestyle/ collaboration.

The track (from Busta and his Conglomerate mates Reek Da Villain and J-Doe‘s new mixtape Catastrophic) is nowhere near an essential part of either rapper’s catalog, but it’s cooler-than-cool hearing the two emcees relating an “inside peek” at their respective experiences with Miss Jackson, with Busta giddily recalling the time he shared a video with her memorably dressed in painted-on-tight cock ring-laced garb and Tip (Janet’s on-screen boyfriend in Poetic Justice) exposing the day he and film co-star 2Pac “(schemed) how to nail her” while re-living the precious takes when he and J got to swap spit (“In my mind it would prolong/ Listen, the scene was deaded, but I wanted my own edit”).

DL the bro-time reminiscing below; pick up Catastrophic (which also includes swipes at the instrumentals of “No Worries”, “All Gold Everything” and “Adorn”) over at datPiff.

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