Dido featuring Kendrick Lamar “Let Us Move On”


Is Dido our generation’s Sade, in the sense that the British singer-songwriter can disappear for years at a time, come back with something new bearing little difference from her previous work, and yet always be welcome? That’s the thought that entered our mind when planting our ears on her new single “Let Us Move On”, the NPR-premiered first taste of her upcoming fourth studio effort Girl Who Got Away.

Paired with slightly hip hop-hardened atmospheric production that nods to co-producer Jeff Bhasker’s previous work with acts like Jay-Z, Kanye West, Drake, Fun. and Lana Del Rey, Dido’s sounds just as heavenly as last remembered, her near-ethereal, delicate tone landing as an ideal vessel to deliver the song’s friend-on-shoulder-comforting message in getting through the tribulations life throws at you.

That a killer Kendrick Lamar guest verse!! reads as a somewhat unnecessary bait-move here ends up being the track’s main surprising takeaway, pointing to the alluringly timeless power of Dido’s frozen-in-amber singing style.

Girl Who Got Away is slated for a March 4th arrival.

Dido Feat. Kendrick Lemar – Let Us Move On

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