Eliza Doolittle “Xmas In Bed”/ “Last Christmas (Wham! Cover)”

eliza doolittle

With a string of amazing live performance YouTube R&B covers taking on names like The Weeknd, Frank Ocean and Beyonce and a one-off drop/ collaboration with producer Kwes that deserved the same kind of insta-Internet adulation that landed on refreshingly different female soul-pop-merging entries like Solange’s “Losing You” and Sky Ferreira’s “Everything Is Embarrassing”, English songbird Eliza Doolittle left our tongues wagging for a full-length platter before the year flip.

Alas, that never came to be, but a consolation prize has been delivered with her newly dropped Christmas EP, a three track mini-set featuring two covers and an original that has definitely strengthened our eagerness to hear what future treats Doolittle plans to unleash in 2013.

Set atop a rinky-dink piano loop that conjures up a pleasant, recorded-in-my-bedroom DIY intimacy, and swimming in the same kind of old-school doo-wop/ girl group pop signifiers that fueled a lot of Mariah Carey’s earliest material (and provided the main charming component of the diva’s own holiday standard/ deathless fan favorite “All I Want For Christmas Is You”), original “Xmas In Bed” should have no problem becoming a late-addition must-include for seasonal playlists, serving Doolittle balancing out sultry romantic and cutesy-coy youth as she pitches the enticing idea of spending the entire holidays cuddled up with her boo under the covers, because “What’s Christmas for, if it’s not for eachother?”.

Hear it, along with an equally fab take on Wham!’s “Last Christmas”, below, or race to become one of the 5000 to score the entire EP for free here.

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