Jill Scott “Golden (Catching Flies Remix)”

On his debut EP The Stars, 21-year-old London producer Catching Flies specializes in the kind of mysterious downtempo vibe that, with its pitch-shifted vocals and dreamy new age-meets-electronic meandering, feels like the best type of ear hole massage one could have when laid up in the house on a chill, rainy afternoon.

While his latest creation, a remix of Jill Scott‘s 2004 single “Golden”, isn’t an official part of that mini-set, it would comfortably fit in as a bonus cut add-on, Flies taking the original’s sunny neo-soul uplift and transforming it into a hauntingly transfixing stew of screwed vocal trickery and trip-hop-ish drip-drop that sounds like something the coolest cats in the Year 3000 would have pumping out of their speakers.

Hear/ download it below:

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