Maximum Hedrum featuring George Clinton “Keep In Touch”

maximum hedrum - keep in touch

When you have a super-group consisting of the producer behind Yeah Yeah Yeah’s Grammy-nominated Show Your Bones/ founder of A-list-nabbing indie-rap project N.A.S.A. (Sam Spiegel aka Squeak E. Clean), the latter-era frontman of Brazilian heavy metal band Sepultura (Derrick Green) and the German composer/ producer best known for creating 80’s Beverly Hills Cop theme song smash “Axel F” (Harold Faltermeyer), the notion of Maximum Hedrum‘s collective sound being more of the “anything goes” variety is kinda-sorta expected.

That they would opt to centralize their creative focus to an electro-funk vibe however reads a bit more question mark, making their wild success of the form on single “Keep In Touch” seem all the more extraordinary.

A post-Chromeo blast of jittery, digi-squelch and Parliament Funkadelic-esque haunted house stank (with the latter sensibility made all the more vivid by a guest role from genre god George Clinton), “Keep In Touch” manages to hit all the right catchy notes, impressing with the act’s strict commitment to all the familiar aspects of the style (from the slickly taut ’80’s-meet-8-bit groove down to Green’s on-point funk yowls) even when the whole thing is clouded over by a questionable intent of whether we’re supposed to be taking it all that seriously.

Spoof or not, it results in a fun, repeat-worthy listen, all that’s really necessary in helping establish the kind of buzz to make the Voltron-like uniting of talent’s March 5th-due self-titled debut be a thing worth checking for.

Hear both the original version of “Keep In Touch” and the ‘N.A.S.A. Art of Boogie’ Remix it has spawned below.

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