Missy Elliott “Sock It 2 Me (Kaytranada Remix)”

missy elliott - sock it 2 me (kaytranada remix)

In a year that saw Missy Elliott make her long-awaited comeback with not just one, but two new singles, it’s perhaps saying a whole lotta something that her sole best contribution to Music in 2012 wouldn’t be either one of those but rather a R&B hook girl stint she delivered on a track birthed from the year before.

Officially released as a single way back in February, J. Cole’s third Cole World: The Sideline Story single “Nobody’s Perfect” ended up earning tons of airplay mileage in ’12, becoming the rapper’s biggest hit to date largely thanks to Elliott’s work on the chorus, a highlighting of the quadruple threat’s oft-overlooked talent as a buttery-smoove-toned singer in which she dished off hashtag sex talk (“We rock the boat, Poseidon”) with the effortless ease and precision of the best R&B divas.

While we’re not entirely sure if that track-stealing performance sparked Montreal producer Kaytranada‘s decision to turn his remixing attention to the R&B Elliott throwback “Sock It 2 Me”, we’re pretty thankful he did anyway.

Capping off a year that saw Kaytranda re-scuplting great female soul entries from Janet Jackson, Beyonce, Erykah Badu and Brandy into these endlessly fascinating weirdo deep grooves, his spin on the playfully nasty “Sock It 2 Me” ends up no less compelling in its twisted theatrics. Missy’s vocals are left mostly untouched, but Kay completely re-tools the sonics that surrounded her on the Timbaland-produced original, deconstructing the Delfonics-sampling stomp into an eerie brew of chopped-up strings, creepy keyboard notes and chilling sparseness that give Missy’s horny declarations an oddly titillating, underworld-trap creepiness.

Check out the track below as well as a few other Kaytranada goodies from the past year.

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