NIKO IS featuring Action Bronson “Steffi Graf”

If there’s one thing you can expect from the hip hop world every year, it’s all kinds of new, WTF nicknames given to their favorite choice of…erm, hobby.

In this new cut from Rio de Janeiro-born/ Florida-based emcee NIKO IS (from his freshly dropped mixtape Chill Cosby), it’s the name of German tennis great Steffi Graf that ends up being the rapper’s personal euphemism for weed (as in “Serve me an ace/ I’m on that Steffi Graf”); but introducing a new term into the slang lexicon is far from the lone strand of entertainment value to be mined from the track, which swims in a string of amusing (and often brow-raising) quotables from the lyrically colorful NIKO (“I open the legs of a mermaid/ In that pussy’s my birthplace”) and his far more blunt trackmate, currently buzzing Queens-repper Action Bronson, all the while highlighted by producer RiskyBeats‘ contagious chop work on a rollicking, bluesy sample.

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