Rick Ross “100 Black Coffins”

“I need a hundred black preachers, with a black sermon to tell/ From a hundred black Bibles, while we send them all to hell/ I need a hundred black coffins,” huffs Rick Ross on the chorus to his latest drop “100 Black Coffins”, the evocative visual imagery dripping off these ominous words bringing a fitting, picturesque touch to what is the Bawse’s contribution to the soundtrack to Quentin Tarantino’s heavily anticipated new flick Django Unchained.

While it’s a great couple of lines, the latest in a long line of insta-catchy hooks Ross has been feeding the masses with for years now, the rotund rapper’s umpteenth stab at explaining why he’s such a cool bad-ass ends up being the least interesting aspect of this record, trumped by the far more noteworthy future pop quiz subjects of the Tarantino tie-in and track’s production being handled by none other than “Django” himself, film star Jamie Foxx.

On all of his albums so far, Jamie has had a hand in the track-crafting process, but who woulda thunk the Academy Award-winning R&B crooner could conjure up a beat like this: a wild, wild West-meets-southern hip hop fusion thick with atmospheric menace that perfectly fits Ross’ booming, vengeance-seeking verbiage and surprisingly puts Foxx in the running in the “next Lex Luger” sweepstakes.

The Django Unchained soundtrack, also featuring appearances from Ennio Morricone, John Legend and Anthony Hamilton (as well as a James Brown/ 2Pac mash-up), drops December 18th.

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