San Fermin “Sonsick”

With its lovely curlicues of twinned female vocals and an arrangement built on an odd momentum where one, on initial listen, is left both entranced and perplexed by where the song is heading in its first moments only to be slapped across the face by a chorus so sonically rich, one can’t help but quickly rewind to the start from that mid-point to fully indulge in the awe-inducing journey of the song’s opening build all over again, “Sonsick”, the debut single of Brooklyn-based four-piece San Fermin (Holly Laessig and Jess Wolfe of Lucius, Allen Tate, and founder/ composer Ellis Ludwig-Leone) does a spine-tingling job of positioning the indie act as reason enough to fast forward through to 2013 just to gain further acquaintance with their future work.

Pushed along by verses that feature Laessig and Wolfe, with striking emotive clarity, cycling through both the hopeful optimism and soul-crushing disappointment that line the complex web of adult relationships, “Sonsick” ultimately earns its most hype from the firm slam of the aforementioned chorus on forward, where blasts of brass bombast enter the picture, blooming around the lovely harmonic wails and “bah bah bah””s of the two female leads until the entire frame bulges into a breathtaking climax of orchestral grandiosity.

Check out the track below; San Fermin’s self-titled debut drops February 12th.

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