SkyBlew x Backdraft featuring Sarah Kaboom “DATA (DanceAllTroublesAway)”

skyblew x backdraft - life in 3rd person

Life In 3rd Person, the new collaborative frE-P from North Carolina emcee SkyBlew and Virginia producer Backdraft, is a project that satisfies on two wavelengths.

Give it a casual listen and you’ll no doubt find yourself enraptured by the sonic bliss birthed from the casual, youthful vibe of Sky’s feel-good flow and chilled, ride-friendly warmth of Backdraft’s sample-based beat work; sink your ears a bit deeper though and allow your mind to be fed with Sky’s old-soul lyrical prowess, which juggle mature-beyond-his-twenty-two-years-of-age glances at this thing called life with a colorful appreciation for the endless source of poetic release to be mined in the English word.

The eight-track EP is filled with winners, but an instant goodie emerges out of mid-set highlight “DATA (DanceAllTroublesAway)”, in which a shimmery starry-eyed groove and guest singer Sarah Kaboom‘s candy-sweet vocal aid help frame Sky’s sharp, vividly detailed vignette of a girl who finds safe haven (and possible happily ever after romance) away from her life’s pain (“Boyfriend left her/ Family neglect her…”) in the comforting escapism of partying and music (“Cause when them lights get low/ She hoping them troubles might go”).

Hear it below, or snatch up Life In 3rd Person in it’s entirety here.

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