The-Dream “Can’t Wait To Hate You (Mariah Carey Demo/ / Jerome LOL Edit)”

It’s kind of incredible all the things people choose to remix these days. Whether it’s fist-thump twists on viral memes or remixes of other people’s remixes of a song, edits that come down the pike have grown increasingly more complex in an era where everything is up for grabs for a sonic makeover.

For instance, take this latest from Los Angeles-based producer Jerome LOL, which rather than go the “traditional” route and use Mariah Carey’s mostly forgotten 2009 mid-tempo ballad “H.A.T.E.U.” as a source, instead opts to revamp (and subsequently make barely recognizable) the alternately titled and written demo version that The-Dream, one of the song’s writers and producers, performed and eventually leaked on his own after the original’s all-too-brief stay on the R&B/ Hip Hop singles chart.

Mostly focusing on a single line (“Today I’m gonna get over you”) which is dizzyingly looped and pitch-shifted, as wordless chipmunk’d harmonies and a twinkling keyboard arpeggio swirl round and round like some sort of starry-eyed daydream, Jerome LOL puts his virtual scissors to a lyric that tracked through one’s struggle in getting over a breakup and cleverly re-contextualizes it into a personal mantra that in every repeated swing of that one line and each production addition that gradually both deepens and brightens the cut, presents a person slowly beginning to see the light at the end of the heartache tunnel until, by track’s end, they have reached peace with the idea of finally moving on.

Pretty amazing stuff.

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