The xx “Last Christmas (Wham! Cover)”

the xx

There’s really only a handful of Xmas tunes we don’t mind having to be bombarded with over and over again every winter and one of those is (of course) Wham!’s “Last Christmas”, not necessarily because of the standard’s great ’80’s heyday George Michael vocal but also for its oddly amusing format of being a sonically cheery, but lyrically quite sour affair.

Apparently, feeling like the original just wasn’t depressing enough, forever-brooders The xx covered the song for a BBC Live Lounge appearance, fusing the song’s Yuletide heartache with their signature brand of grey-hued indie rock gloom.

Fascinatingly, what results is a rare stab at “xx”-ifying someone else’s song that doesn’t completely work (Romy sounds okay, but what’s up with the wonky melody?), but considering that they are The xx and it’s written in law somewhere that everything they do should be giddily slobbered over, you can bet it’s already being dubbed the “best “xx”-mas gift evah!!” somewhere.

Peep/ download the performance below, as well as far more successful live takes on Coexist singles “Chained” and “Angels” as well as “Teardrops” (an xx cover done right!).

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