Young Jeezy featuring 2 Chainz “R.I.P.”

young jeezy - r.i.p. (ft. 2 chainz)

Young Jeezy‘s record-making formula has become so ingrained in our domes by this point, that you can pretty much guess what a new Jeezy record’s going to sound like without hitting ‘Play’…and about 90% of the time be spot-on in your assumption. Thanks to producer DJ Mustard, “R.I.P.”, the 2 Chainz-assisted highlight from Young’s new mixtape Its Tha World ends up existing somewhere in that other 10%.

Applying the same brand of minimalist “Jock Jams”-esque ratchet-clap to “R.I.P.” that made his instrumental to Tyga’s “Rack City” so instantly undeniable, Mustard’s West Coast hyphy-flavored whomp plants an attractive new spark to Jeezy’s wheezy rasp signature here, especially on the hyped nightclub scene-setting hook (“R.I.P we just killed the club/ Drank patron out the bottle almost killed the thug/ I’m so high I can’t feel the drugs/ Too many haters sitting here, I dont feel the love”) that basically demands one chant along.

As noteworthy as it is to hear Jeezy snapping back from the path towards Stale-ville he felt like he was heading down though, not even that welcome surprise can trump the cameo propped here from Best Rap Album Grammy nominee (!?!?) 2 Chainz, whose kinetic energy and WTF-witty lyrical turns (“Got a pocket full of dead prez/ Attached to your girl like a jpeg”) bring forth the alternate universe idea of “R.I.P.” being an even bigger monster banger if it was a Chainz featuring Jeezy entry.

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