AlunaGeorge “Thinkin Bout You (Frank Ocean Cover)”


Apparently the fact that we’ve entered a whole new calendar year hasn’t stopped everybody and their mama from continuing to try to add new artistic shades to Frank Ocean‘s deathless multi-Grammy nominee “Thinkin Bout You”.

AlunaGeorge have added themselves to the seemingly hundred-artist-long list of acts who’ve taken on the Channel Orange gem, and while the move doesn’t rank as the most original (at this point, we’ll gladly drop a few bucks for someone, hell anyone, to offer a unique swipe at “Bad Religion”, “Pyramids” or any other Orange track), it’s a noteworthy remake for the way the duo bypass the usual and flip the introspective ballad into something a bit more upbeat.

Helped out by Aluna’s baby-doll coos adding a nice breezy feel and a summery arrangement that glides along to neon-lit synths and giddy percussion/ drum work, AlunaGeorge conjure up a disco-lite roller rink jam rendition that makes us wish winter wasn’t currently upon us and we could enjoy this BBC Radio live performance while chillaxing in dropped-top rides with triple-degree temperature sun rays beaming down on our foreheads.


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