Big K.R.I.T. featuring Rapsody & Heather Victoria “Gettin’ Mine”

big k.r.i.t. - gettin' mine

The triumphant “ashy to classy” narrative is a tried-and-true subject in hip hop: if your dreams finally came true, and with that, you were also living the lifestyle of a big-budget music video far and away from your humble beginnings, why wouldn’t you want to reflect in awe of your come-up?

While a constant beating down of the theme from your favorite emcees can start to feel insulting though (especially with most of us mired in a current economic climate that seems like it never wants you to “win”), it’s hard not to root for Big K.R.I.T., whose thoughtful and often poignant, proud Southern every-man lyricism made him an underground stand-out rich with the promise of one day standing on the front-lines of the rap scene.

On new track “Gettin’ Mine”, even as he stands major label-backed and accessorized with the candy-painted Cadillac’s that used to only exist in his young lad fantasies, K.R.I.T. still feels grounded and relatable, not too big in his britches to admit that his current success is owed not only to his own ambitious grind and talent, but to the advice and support given to him from others over the years.

Add in his sharp-as-usual flow, the lovely vocals of Heather Victoria on the hook, another great soul sample-based beat from the talented 9th Wonder and a quick-tongued sixteen from Rapsody (an underrated emcee seriously due for a breakout wax moment), and “Gettin’ Mine” lands as a collaborative effort sent straight from quality hip hop heaven.

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