Chlöe Howl “Rumour”

chloe howl

It took about a couple nano-seconds for 17-year-old Chlöe Howl to become the Internet’s next hot pop darling, all thanks to her immediately catchy “No Strings”, a record that earned its hype thanks to an infectiously boppy “Pumped Up Kicks”-reminiscent rhythm and Howl’s feisty songwriting and delivery.

Amidst the driving synth-pop of her second cut “Rumour”, Howl continues to impress, this time utilizing her canny lyric skills and effortless hook-crafting ability to explore a teenage culture fueled by enough drama and he-say, she-say gossip to fill a season’s worth of the juiciest brand of primetime TV soaps.

Chlöe has more important stuff to deal with than entertain her downtime with all the latest whispers (that are perhaps about her) being generated by her peers, though: “I’m just trying to work out/ How to be like myself/ I’m just trying to work out/ These cards I’ve been dealt,” she sings on the chorus, her delivery of the lines and the unspecified internal troubles they hint at, providing an effective juxtaposition of sobering melancholy to the track’s busy 80’s-pop pep.

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