David Bowie “Where Are We Now?”

david bowie

Over the course of his legendary decades-long career, king of reinvention David Bowie has dabbled in seemingly every genre under the sun–from blues rock to folk to glam to hard rock to soul/ funk to chart pop to krautrock to electronica–making today’s out-of-nowhere premiere of a new single and announcement of an upcoming new album (the March 12th due The Next Day) register greatly exciting not only for the fact that it would mark the music icon’s first release since Reality dropped ten years ago, but also for the fascinating intrigue in where a now-66-year-old Bowie would fancy going next artistically.

The stately, grown man pop of “Where Are We Now?” may not seem like the most adventurous comeback on first listen, but with repeat listens, it becomes harder and harder to resist marveling at the song’s gorgeous construct and moving theme, the brooding soft rock slow burn generated by longtime collaborator/ producer Tony Visconti providing a fitting soundtrack for Bowie tenderly reflecting on days long past while haunting the same Berlin landmarks (“Sitting in the dschungel on Numberger strasse/ A man lost in time near KaDeWe”) that helped inspire his classic “Berlin trilogy” period.

Hearing Bowie singing in that familiar vampiric croon of his, here now sounding a bit aged, packs an emotional wallop within itself, but pair that with such personally meaningful lyrics and a majestic bridge that captures Bowie cycling through lines “As long as there’s sun/…As long as there’s rain/…As long as there’s fire/ As long as there’s me/ As long as there’s you” as Visconti’s arrangement swells skyward around him and “Where Are We Now?” inches into the realm of the tearjerker, culminating in a masterful finale-like pose for the veteran.

Hear it below, then catch a remix of “Where Are We Now?” (yes…already) from Chicago DJ/ producer TR34TM3NT that re-brands the original’s striking elegiac melancholy with a splendid electronic shimmer.

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