Frank Ocean featuring Andre 3000 & Big Boi “Pink Matter (Remix)”

frank ocean ft. andre 3000 & big boi - pink matter (remix)

For all those who continue to light a candle every night in the hopes of a Outkast reunion, it probably comes as a teasing act of cruelty that Big Boi would momentarily sort of make that dream come true by invading Frank Ocean‘s previously Andre 3000-laced “Pink Matter”.

Then again, what a treat it is to have the ability to now spend hours and days endlessly indulging in one of Channel Orange‘s best cuts (and should-be future singles)–a gorgeously poetic (and quite Stevie Wonder-ian) space-funk ballad pondering on sex, the relationship between men and women, and the place of Earth’s human denizens in the bigger picture of the universe–now gifted with a new dose from arguably the greatest rap duo of all time.

Already flawless in its original form, “Pink Matter” is elevated to a whole new plateau of black pop perfection with the added element of Big Boi, who perfectly compliments what was lain before by raunching up the proceedings with a titillatingly detailed depiction of a romp with a lover (“She was the perfect ho..-stess/ When I come over we would do the grossest/ Most beautifulest things on a bed of roses/ It would be the coldest when you hit the hardwood floor/ We sippin’ ‘Nac, lime mimosas/ She’s in my naked lap, going ham like she ‘sposed ta”) spooled out in his signature, somersault-like pimp-slick flow.

Considering a new Outkast album remains, at this point anyway, just as “probably not going to happen”-mythical as a Detox release, it’s a bit of a bittersweet play, but damn if it doesn’t remind that the magic in Big and Dre sharing track space is as potent as ever.

Welp…guess it’s back to lighting candles.

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