Lion Babe “Treat Me Like Fire”

lion babe - treat me like fire

The downside to being a blogger with a day job: the large amount of good new music that flies under your radar. For example, while we’ve seen the name of up-and-coming New York duo Lion Babe getting tons of computer ink on some of our favorite blog spots, we had yet to hear a lick of their single “Treat Me Like Fire” to even hear what the big deal was.

That is until today, after which we subsequently felt a bit of shame for not realizing (and joining the crowd in touting) what an intriguing introductory tune it is eons ago.

The hard-to-ignore main takeaway from the tune: how much the voice of singer (and **whispers** Vanessa Williams daughter) Jillian Hervey is reminiscent of Erykah Badu (from the bright jazzy tone to the playful way she mumbles through certain lyrics). Thankfully though, there’s a lot more to get into with “Fire” beyond the slight sound-alike distraction, like the entrancingly dark allure that arises in Hervey’s flirty femme fatale role here (“I’m in the light/ I glow/ But you know not to touch me/ Cause it might burn if it don’t work”) or the added flavor of mystique born from her partner, producer Lucas “Astro Raw” Goodman‘s minimalist tribal-soul beat construct, both elements together showcasing an enticing group dynamic sure to provide all kinds of fascinating nuggets in the days to come.

Check out the track/ video below, then deepen your obsession with all things Lion Babe via a hip hop revamp of “Fire” boasting some nice naughty-minded verse interjections from Columbian rapper Dashius Clay

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