Mac Miller featuring Ab-Soul “All The Time”

mac miller - all the time

Every once in a awhile, a hip hop song emerges with a beat and vibe so dope that it almost matters little what rapper was put on the “official” version considering every other emcee and their grandmother will likely take a swing at the hot instrumental before the season is up, subsequently making the idea of the best version the source of endless on-line debate.

“All The Time”, a Mac Miller x Ab-Soul x producer Chuck Inglish collaboration born out of the sessions for Miller’s forthcoming album Watching Movies With The Sound Off and given an exclusive premiere today via Ashley Outrageous, definitely feels like one of those records.

As the lead act, Mac delivers quite well a mindlessly addicting hook (“Spending time on this money/ I get money all the time”) and dope low-key flow celebrating the swaggy highs of a ballin’ lifestyle, but “Time””s true stars arguably arrive in the equally nostalgia-dripping connection of Ab and Inglish, thanks to the latter cooking up a heat-rock of a minimalist old-school hip hop beat that pairs off perfectly with the former’s Andre 3000-flashbacking croon moves in the third act.

That this joint may actually not be a part of Movies when all is said and done is capital-C crazy; whether it does or does not though, we’re surely interested in hearing what happens when some other emcee’s plant their own individual mic stamp in the middle of this chill Mac-Ab-Chuck throwback joyride.

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