MS MR “Fantasy”

ms mr - fantasy

On their 2012 EP Candy Bar Creep Show, New York duo MS MR (singer Lizzy Plapinger and producer Max Hershenow) caused much of a praise-littered on-line stir with their melding of goth-y lyrical imagery and wistful wailing alongside arrangements that further defined their love for the emotional gloom in expansive, cavernous strokes of the blackest-dipped indie pop.

On “Fantasy”, the first single from their upcoming full length debut Second Hand Rapture (due May 14th), that arresting song-sculpting formula is spun out once again, exploding in melodramatic peaks of haunting harmonic swirls, tribal-like drum pummel and piano twinkle on anthemic choruses befitting a possessed-Stevie Nicks twirl or two.

What’s insane though is that while those soaring volcanic rushes would have definitely sufficed on their own as reason enough to need “Fantasy” in your life, they’re really not even the best moments on display here, that blue ribbon prize, for us at least, feeling way more suited for the addictive build up brought in the driving, hand-clap n’ stomp pep of the verses.

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