Octover “This Woman’s Work (Kate Bush Cover)”


Is there really a point of anyone else covering “This Woman’s Work” when we’ve got the classic Kate Bush original and Maxwell’s hair-raising remake to pull up when we want to have a tender moment to ourselves? Probably not, but considering the many bad karaoke renditions we’ve come across (and our own pathetic attempts in the safe, far-away-from-people confines of our showers), props are due for anyone with the cojones to tackle this difficult song–and do it well–while bringing a new twist to it.

With that, we have no choice but to bow down to experimental-electro Singapore duo Octover who definitely put in the…ahem, work on this remake, singer Vandetta [otherwise known as Vanessa Fernandez] making wading through the song’s many challenging vocal peaks and valleys look like child’s play as partner/ producer Jason Tan sublimely cuddles her performance with subtle electro percussion and delicate strings and plucks brushed with a frosted chill.

Check out the cover below, then head here to stream the rest of Octover’s wildly eclectic, pop-jazz-funk-with-a-space-age-twist self-titled debut.

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