Pusha T featuring Rick Ross “Millions”

pusha t feat. rick ross - millions

You know what happen when G.O.O.D. Music and MMG get together right?

Considering, on fresh leak “Millions”, the reps of these two platinum-plated hip hop empires are Pusha T and Rick Ross, yeah, you probably do.

The collab, set to be found on Pusha’s Wrath of Caine, is precisely what one would imagine: an epic summer blockbuster beat that’s as street corner hard as it is big bank regal, housing colorful, quote-ready lyrics that make the mafioso heavyweight fantasy sound like the best lifestyle ever.

Sure, it’s nothing new creatively, but it’s also Push and Ross sharing a track together, making it a notable wax moment pre-destined to earn volume-on-high blasts in rides even if it didn’t boast braggy mic gold like “Call my Phantom the holy ghost, church on chrome wheel tires” and “This big face is in Blu-ray and these black diamonds like Boondocks”.

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