Solange & The xx’s Oliver Sim “Make It Hot (Nicole Cover)”


If real-life was awesome, Solange would turn her !!-grabbing “anti-cultural tourism” Twitter rant into a side project with a revolving door of her “indie”-world friends, call it #deepBrandyalbumcuts, and spend the rest of 2013 touring the globe educating folks on the best of pre-2012 R&B with an accompanying covers EP.

Also, that track one of the release would be a studio-made rendition of the remake of late 90’s Nicole Wray jam “Make It Hot” that she and The xx’s Oliver Sim gifted the London XOYO patrons (and eventually the rest of the Internet) with last week.

The quasi-forgotten Nicole cut deserves some recognition for being arguably one of Timbaland and Missy “Me with no Timbaland, is like Puff with no Mase” Elliott’s best collaborations (sidenote: Whatever happened to the original’s other rap feature Mocha?), but really, we shouldn’t have to go into 2014 without a CDQ version of this being a thing so we can melt into a pool of blogger giddiness while absorbing Timbaland goth&b-via-gloomy xx basslines and Sim’s vampiric baritone relating the aches of teenybop infidelity over and over under headphones.

Check out the performance below than dig into a demonic-soul tweak on Solange’s “Losing You” from Ziad He Bad that slows the track down to a creepily mesmerizing, molasses-like crawl.

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