The Melker Project “Suit & Trap (Justin Timberlake & Jay-Z x Big Chocolate)”

the melker project - suit & trap

While we gladly sopped up JT’s lush n’ screwed retro-boogie “Suit & Trap” with a biscuit upon its arrival a couple days back, the common consensus around the Internetz has been of a more mixed variety, with many of the “meh”-ers seemingly pissed that after a six-plus year wait, Timberlake & Timbaland would drop something that A) failed to immediately knock their socks off a la “SexyBack”, B) sounded a little too Robin Thicke-ish, and/ or C) dared to have the nerve to not be able to solve world hunger, the economic crisis or bring peace to the globe in its five minute length.

Might tricking the song out with a little trap swerve be enough to sway them to the “I (Heart) ‘Suit & Tie'” club?

Hard to say, but enter The Melker Project swooping in with an attempt anyway, act mastermind Scott Melker’s latest entry chopping up snippets of Jay-Z’s rhymes and Justin’s booty-admiring falsetto against a clattery assault of H.A.M. ratchet-club theatrics (source: Big Chocolate’s “Blue Milk”) for results that are dizzyingly delicioso.

It still won’t bring an end to all the ills in the world, but the thought of how many sweat-drenched asses this will get ferociously gyrating once dropped at a club near you serves as a nice consolation prize, no?

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