The Melker Project “The (2) Chain (z) (Fleetwood Mac x 2 Chainz)”

the melker project - skeetwood mac

The Melker Project‘s tireless run of awesomely random artist and song marriages is chugging on, this time through a proposed series of EP’s with each one focusing on a different classic artist.

Fleetwood Mac are getting the star treatment on the project’s initial installment Skeetwood Mac, and teasing the collection first, the cleverly titled “The (2) Chain (z)” which teams the iconic rockers’ epic banjo n’ bitterness-speckled Rumours jam “The Chain” with select rhymes from The Artist Formerly Known As Tity Boi.

The fusion is about as hilarious as one could imagine (if only for the mental pic of Stevie Nicks and 2 Chainz sharing the same stage: she twirling about in a tornado of chiffon and lace; he doing his usual overly-hype wiry choreography), but, as usual when it comes to anything TMP touches, it’s a combination that wildly works thanks to Melker’s near-seamless edit work, the melding of banjo twang, Lindsey Buckingham’s ferocious guitar solo and Chainz’ Southern-swagged WTF lyricism somehow, in our heads anyway, culminating in the best Yelawolf song Yelawolf has yet to record.

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