Timbaland featuring Lil’ Wayne, Missy Elliott & T-Pain “The Party Anthem”

timbaland - the party anthem

What better way is there to kick off a new year than with a new Timbaland/ Missy record?

The #TimboGiftBag freebie offering “The Party Anthem” may only be a rescued-from-the-vault “unreleased” joint, but, moreso than the mild two singles Elliott dropped last year, it bulges better with the type of left-field hip hop flavor that made the duo such a dynamic force way-back-when.

Featuring Tim bringing the noise with a complex, cartoon-ish trunk thump that blends together sputtering car noises, thriller movie strings, tip toe-ing piano twinkles and some heavier-than-heavy drum tumbles, a “country bitch from Virginia” nicknamed “Misdemeanor” shines with a tempo-shifting mid-track sixteen filled with her unique brand of goofy smack-talk (“Sayin’ I’m too old to rap?/ I’ll be rapping til I wear dentures/ Yeeah hello haters/ Yeah pick your chin up/ What I say about running your mouth/ You better respect your mentors”).

Lil’ Wayne and T-Pain are also involved, but, even with prominent roles here, they end up feeling like afterthoughts, a testament to the magnetic (and much-missed) chemistry Tim and Missy share.

Here’s to hoping this is only the beginning of this duo becoming an inescapable, epic banger-spewing machine all over again in 2013.

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