TLC “Creep (Kaytranada’s Creepier Edition)”

tlc - creep (kaytranada's creepier edition)

Watching T-Box on reality TV struggling to re-spark a solo career that should have happened a lifetime and a half ago might be a depressing sight to behold…but, at least, we got the old TLC hits to revisit to keep our mood up.

One of those timeless smashes, mid-90’s chart-topper “Creep”, is re-awoken under the palms of Canadian production wiz Kaytranada, who swipes the a capella from the original’s Jermaine Dupri-produced remix and injects the throwback mutual infidelity anthem with a darker sensuality thanks to a bassline-led, late night hip hop-soul bump (and slyly interwoven sample from an obscure The Fixx album cut) that adds a sexy n’ sinister new edge to T-Boz’ gravelly vocal cool.

Check it out below.

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