Atlas Genius “If So”

atlas genius - when it was now

With a winning recipe melding indie rock jangle and synthy dance influences with a radio-ready pop-craft and polish, Aussie sibling (Keith, Michael and Steven Jeffrey) + 1 (Darren Sell) act Atlas Genius have pretty much sounded like the next “it” band since stumbling on the scene a couple years back, enjoying a Top 5 alternative rock radio smash (“Trojans”) and a well-received EP (last year’s Through The Glass) along with mucho blog hype in the time since.

Judging by the sound of their newest offering “If So”, a fetching teaser for their Feb. 19th-due full length debut When It Was Now, their steady ascension up the alt-rock ranks doesn’t seem like it’ll be slowing down anytime soon.

With its multi-tiered array of juddering guitar licks and neon washes of keyboard perfectly meshing with a briskly paced drum rhythm as the HD-clear pipes of frontman Keith hits all the right melodic buttons up top, the interlocking parts that make up “If So” are almost annoyingly precise in construct, but damn if the thing, with all of that and an irresistible punch and drive, doesn’t latch into the brain cells upon first listen and never let go, instantly sounding not only like another rock radio smash to be, but a record with enough crisply stylized verve to crossover something major on pop airwaves well into the spring season.

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