Elli Ingram “Poetic Justice (Kendrick Lamar Cover)”

elli ingram - poetic justice

With the kind of massive critical impact Kendrick Lamar’s debut album had upon its release late last year, we’ve pretty much expected a large chunk of 2013 to be filled with an onslaught of remixes, freestyles and edits re-interpreting every inch of the set, with many of them being of a direct-to-trash bin quality.

This stab at good kid‘s “Poetic Justice” from Brighton songbird Elli Ingram is a definite keeper though.

First off, homegirl’s voice, all full-bodied soulful, is the type that could get a standing ovation from simply reciting lines out of a phone book, but the excellent tone and expert control she has while wading through chunks of Kendrick’s verses and extended swipes at the record’s Janet Jackson sample source is simply divine, especially when supported by joint producers Felix Joseph and Rudi Redz‘ smoothly sophisticated rendering of the Lamar cut’s production.

As much as we would love this newcomer to drop an entire mixtape full of these delicious rap covers, the stellar vocal performance Ingram puts on display here has us even more excited for what she does with an original number.

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