Eyedress & Skint Eastwood “Nobody (Keith Sweat Cover)”

eyedress & skint eastwood

With seemingly every other ’90’s R&B smash getting reincarnated under a (insert whatever)-wave brush these days, it was really only a matter of time before someone finally got around to digging into the catalog of one of the era’s kings of the baby-making jam, Keith Sweat.

“Nobody”, the crooner’s sexy chart-topping 1996 duet with Athena Cage (most memorable for that ridiculously awesome “ON-WAWN-WAWN AND ON-WAWN!!” bridge) is redressed with a haunting psychedelic-pop haziness in the collaborative hands of Philippines-based producer Eyedress and vocalist Skint Eastwood, their vocals bringing the key sensuality while sounding like spirits trapped between dimensions against the track’s ethereal Art of Noize-reminiscent groove.

Their take is unfortunately abruptly cut short before they get a chance to get their “ON-WAWN” on, but it’s still an effective mood-setter for the times when one wants to get a little naughty-naughty, which is really all we can ask for in a Keith cover.

You can pre-order Eyedress & Skint Eastwood’s LP Hearing Colors (due February 18th) here or here.


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