Foals “My Number (Hot Chip Remix)”

foals - my number

In its original form, “My Number”, the second single from Oxford math rockers Foals‘ freshly dropped third effort Holy Fire, was pretty satisfactory in bringing the life-giving boogie, the earwormy funk-rock circus brought forth from its complex guitar interplay and hooky “oohs”‘s and frontman Yannis Philippakis’ chanty pipes perfectly conveying the cloud nine high of being free, whether physically or emotionally, from societal trappings.

That upbeat euphoria is brought to a whole different level though on the Hot Chip-helmed remix, inverting the sprawling “we can move beyond these walls” nature of the original by boxing Yannis’ yelps in a prism of shimmering disco decadence filled with starry-eyed synths and wall-rattling thump.

It’s a re-take that hangs on that oft-visited classic pop trope of achieving escapism on the dance floor, every single sonic emerging from the club speakers piercing you deep beneath your skin and lifting you to such a higher plane that not even the fact that you’re trapped on a crowded dance floor breathing in nothing but a bunch of strangers’ collective hot breaths is enough to distract from the serious one-on-one connection that has formed between you and all the soul-freeing internal joy the atmosphere-coating music is feeding you.


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