Frank Ocean “Eyes Like Sky”

frank ocean

For all we know, Frank Ocean isn’t quite done with the promotional cycle of his now Grammy-winning debut Channel Orange, ready to peel off more singles/ videos from the project, but that hasn’t stopped the greedy public from already slobbering over any and all news concerning the album’s follow-up or anything other as-of-yet unheard music from the beloved R&B crooner to satisfy their Ocean fix for something new.

Previously unreleased cut “Eyes Like Sky” recently emerged on-line, allegedly a part of the studio same sessions that produced Orange, and, unsurprisingly, the World Wide Web has gone nuts over it.

A midtempo, acoustic-soul ballad offering a sobering glimpse at the planet and mankind from the point of view of a mysterious blind man, “Sky” probably won’t supplant whatever track is your most favorite Frank jam ever, but with its thought-provoking lyrical depth (“I said ‘I wish you could see the ocean’/ He said ‘I wish you could see hope’/ I said ‘Have you ever seen a mountain?’/ He said ‘No but my faith can move those’/ I said ‘I wish you could see the stars’/ He told me ‘I should see love'”), the track does further justify why Ocean’s rich and poignant way with a pen is as heralded as it is.


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