Haim “Falling (Moseqar Remix)”

haim - falling (moseqar remix)

There are a few reasons why Los Angeles’ Haim is slaying things as the No. 1 buzzing new act out right now, but one of the main ones is the band’s universally appealing and organic way they mish-mash different genres (Pop, classic rock, folk and R&B) into their signature sound, making them a producer’s dream when it comes to the inevitable remixes as they can fit so seamlessly within different textures.

Egyptian producer Moseqar taps into this versatility quite nicely on his spin on Haim’s latest single “Falling”, smoothing out the original’s crisp 80’s pop-rock sunniness with a dreamy ‘chilltrap’ setting that, with its drifting ambient riffs on early Timbaland R&B, cuddles the ladies’ golden harmonies and staccato vocals in a way that hits the eardrums like pure sonic heaven.

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