Hoodie Allen “Cake Boy”

hoodie allen - cake boy

With a chart-topping album on iTunes (last year’s All-American) now in his rearview, former Google 9-to-5’er-turned-rapper Hoodie Allen has decided to pay a little tribute to his longtime fans (Awww!) in the form of a new free album, the February 20th-due Crew Cuts.

Leading the project off, “Cake Boy”, a track that sees Allen venturing a bit away from his hip-pop usual to flex his well-established snappy mic wit alongside a blast of bass-heavy minimalist trap served by Grammy-nominated producer-to-the-stars !llmind.

Is Hoodie trying to get all hood-tough on the masses, now? As the catchy hook–in which Allen dismisses a wannabe plus-one with a simple, kinda-sorta Rihanna-nodding “Hold up, you ain’t invited homie you can bake a cake cake cake cake cake cake”–cements, no, he’s still the same charming goofball, wrapping his ladies-love-cool-Hoodie braggadocio lain here with a seemingly endless supply of rewind-worthy one-liner quotables.

Check out the dimes n’ desserts-adorned clip below.

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