James Blake “Retrograde (Minorstep Remix)”


Just as water is wet and a broken clock can be right two times a day, a James Blake record can not go on without numerous producers and DJ’s attempting to put their own spin on it.

Blake’s latest single “Retrograde” has barely been around in studio form a full week and it has already been remixed several times over, leaving us with the job of wading through the many edits and re-tweaks in the hopes of stumbling onto one that re-paints the masterful as-is track with a fascinating enough new brush to warrant a mention.

One of the best we’ve come by so far is this mix birthed from the fingertips of producer Minorstep. Keeping in fashion with his name, the Athen, Greece beatsmith gives “Retrograde” the minor-est of re-hauls, but it’s an effective one, his subtle additions of finger snap clicks and fading effects applying a barely-there dance element to the experimental soul ballad that gives the record an enthrallingly sinister, lite-electronic edge.

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