Japan Soul “Plastic Utopia”

japan soul - plastic utopia

With its stylistic cross between 80’s-dated art rock and yuppie-soul and an entertaining edge-of-camp vibe that leaves all kinds of question marks as to where they land on the irony scale, three-piece Brooklyn-based indie newcomers Japan Soul end up making a delightfully intriguing introductory mark with debut single “Plastic Utopia”.

Lyrically reflecting on the troubling times we currently live in, but sung through vocal stamps that veer between slightly spoof-leaning riffs on The Bee Gees’ harmonic falsetto chirps and Teddy Pendergrass’ gruff soul baritone, “Utopia” is an oddball little tune, yet it gels into something gorgeous, mainly thanks to a vintage-hazed central groove that beautifully nestles the quirky performances in dreamy layers of guitar, sax and the most sumptuous bass work we’ve heard in a minute.

Color us very fascinated by what else these cats will have in their artistic arsenal come the arrival of their forthcoming Plastic Utopia LP.

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