Leonard Friend “Annie Lennox”/ “Suit & Tie (Justin Timberlake Cover)”

leonard friend - lxlf

A couple years after first catching our attention with the slick, MJ-inspired pop-funk of “Serious Music”, Leonard Friend has returned with new fre-EP, LXLF, a five-track mini-set finding the L.A.-based singer/ songwriter/ producer further indulging in a sound that could best be summed up as if the respective indie and mainstream-leaning white soul efforts of Hot Chip and Justin Timberlake somehow folded into one.

Earning our own personal kudos as the project’s best moment? “Annie Lennox”, a teardrops-on-my-keyboard ballad that filters LXLF‘s overarching loneliness theme through trembling falsetto ache and a near-ethereal 90’s wispiness as Friend trudges his way through a fractured romance.

Stream the highlight below, then proceed to get all nostalgic for the greatest hits of Bell Biv Devoe, Bobby Brown and Teddy Riley by checking out Leonard’s cover of “Suit & Tie”, one that excellently recasts the current JT hit as a New Jack Swing-flavored dance-floor heater.

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