Madeaux “Madeaux EP”


For those who like the EDM, but feel like they’re a bit too chill or…let’s just say mature to get down with the beat-tastic noise that constitutes a large chunk of the genre, perhaps producer Madeaux will be the answer to your issues.

Throughout the four tracks that make up his newly released self-titled debut EP, Madeaux cooks up twenty minutes’ worth of the kind of classy and relaxing downtempo vibes that could easily soundtrack either the coolest jazz lounge spot you’re too much of a nobody to get into or a laidback, candle-lit romantic evening with the boo at home.

His tagging of the sound as “underwater pop” is fitting given the tunes’ otherworldly aqueous feel, but ‘grown n’ sexy EDM-soul’ could work just the same.

Stream the EP’s offerings as well as his fascinating edit of James Blake’s “I Never Learnt To Share” below; purchase the Madeaux EP over at Beatport.

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